Photographer and videographer Steven Chikosi has been named one of the top five African photographers you should follow on Instagram, and for good reasons. Through his stunning photography, Steven tells stories about daily life in Zimbabwe. In a recent interview with CNN’s African Voices Series, Steven stated that:

“I would like to send a message, to tell a story, have impact with my images. Everyone has a story, even when you don’t talk to them, when they’re walking in the streets, you look at their expressions, at the way they’re walking.”

After he finished high school, Steven got the opportunity to study in the UK. During his studies he was always looking for stories about Zimbabwe, his homecountry. Noticing they where mostly negative, Steven felt the need for a different story, a more positive one, so he went home and started with photography to document more positive stories about the lives of people in Zimbabwe. Since then, he has made quite a name as a professional photographer, his portfolio covers anything from wildlife, landscapes, communities, weddings, and city life to agriculture.

Steven Chikosi

Steven Chikosi is a photographer and videographer based in Harare, Zimbabwe. In addition to documentary projects and assignments, Steven also takes on filmmaking and other personal projects.


Harare, Zimbabwe