Climate change is not an issue of tomorrow, but of today. Worldwide people struggle to survive due to an increase in the climate variability. Oftentimes policy makers and the general public are unaware of the unequal distribution of climate change.

In the end of 2015 we undertook an Impact Journey to India, aimed at creating more awareness of the poorly understood effects of climate change, by combining local stories and data. We have showed not only how people are already affected by climate change, but at the same time we focused on their extremely innovative adaptation and mitigation measures.

In the photos you can see water harvesting techniques (within agriculture), the introduction of solar, improved cookstoves and biogas on cow dung. These are complemented with loads of personal stories.

During this Journey we visited four NGOs: Adats with its HQ in Bagepali and working in the States of Karnataka and Andra Pradesh. Integrated Rural Development of the Weaker Sections in India (IRDWSI) in Similaguda in Orissa. Children Movement for Climate Justice (CMCJ) Orissa Chapter and Laya in Paderu, working in Andra Pradesh.

All NGOs were part of the Fairclimate Network (FCN) – an international platform that tries to project the local environmental framework on Climate Change, as experienced by the rural poor negatively affected by erratic and unpredictable weather patterns.


An insight in India’s (solutions to a) changing Climate


Orissa, Karnataka, Andra Pradesh, India


Execution end 2015 – 2016