Shawn Heinrichs is an Emmy Award-winning cinematographer and marine conservationist, an independent filmmaker and founder of Blue Sphere Media. I admire his passion, perseverence and his drive for positive change through action. In an interview with Discovery Shawn explains about his start as a conservation photographer. As a scuba diver he began to witness firsthand the destruction, habit loss, and rapid depletion of marine life in our oceans (bomb fishing, drift netting and over fishing).

“Finally I hit a point that I couldn’t take it anymore and I turned my camera to document the destruction. It was an incredibly liberating feeling and a defining moment in my life.”

Shawn says he is on a mission to capture inspiring and dramatic imagery that connects the global community to the beauty and vulnerability of threatened marine species. “And through this connection, I hope the world will ultimately share my passion for these creatures and be inspired to act before it is too late.” He has been working on various marine conservation projects of which ‘The Guardians of Raja Ampat Film and Concert Tour‘ was one of his latest projects. A film and tour celebrating the conservation history of Raja Ampat and cementing communities to continued defense of their natural treasures.

Shawn Heinrichs