We had been excited for over a month to visit our partner in crime, James, in his hometown London. Here we planned some activities for leisure, but were primarily considered on digging into his personal archive and stories – and what an archive it was! To reduce our emissions and cut on our project costs we took an overnight bus from Amsterdam to London. With a lack of sleep we arrived in the morning at Danehurst Elderly Home where James had reserved us the guest room. These days were filled with stories, photographs, some good discussions and laughs. It was great to have an insight in James’ life in London. From his normal day-to-day activities to getting to know each other. No wonder James asked us:

“How is it that we have come so close in such a short time?”

On James’ recommendation we explored the Victoria and Albert museum (V&A), with a special visit to the Paul Strand exhibition: we were blown away by his former colleague photographer! For an impression check the V&A Website. It was a productive and memorable week and we are looking forward to all that is coming: from document analysis, other preparations to our (online) exhibit and activities. Will keep you updated!