On the 8th of November I had the utmost pleasure to meet one of the largest NGOs in the world ánd entirely run by children: the Children Movement for Climate Justice (CMCJ). The meeting took place at the campus of the Integrated Rural Development of the Weaker Sections in India (IRDWSI) in Similaguda, Orissa. Here the members of the CMCJ congregate weekly to discuss children’s right issues and matters of climate change at the global, national and local level. Each village has their CMCJ youth representative to bring local issues forward at their meeting. Aside from their local meetings, state and national meetings and rallies take place on a regular basis. In this light:

CMCJ managed to raise over 200,000 (!) signatures for the Indian Government to ratify OP3, an international complaints procedure for child rights violations

The Publication of the meeting with CMCJ is a summary of our gathering and primarily contains messages from CMCJ Orissa members for our World leaders at the Conference of Parties 21 in Paris and how to act beyond. These messages are currently more relevant than ever before, so let’s keep them alive!

You can find CMCJ online and on social media