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Francis Annagu

Impact Photography
February 6, 2019

Kole-Kole (Earth Pushers)

I, Francis, have been working with documentary photographer, Christopher Onah since November 2018, on his ongoing project, Kole-Kole (Earth Pushers). The word "Kole-Kole" means truck pushers in the Yoruba language. It’s a visual story that gives insight into the lives of those 'disadvantaged' people who had for many years depend on collecting human and industrial waste materials as a source…
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Impact Photography
November 27, 2018

Charlotte Yonga

     Bito Ba Mundi and Charlotte's Luscent Lens Charlotte Yonga was one of the photographers featured at the 9th Edition of the LagosPhoto Festival. Born in 1985 in Paris, the Impact Journey had the opportunity to interview Charlotte Yonga and get to know about her past and current visual works, especially the ongoing documentary series in the western region of…
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Impact Photography
November 16, 2018

Karl Ohiri

                     Karl's Culture and Colours Karl Ohiri is a British-Nigerian artist using photography, archives, and the everyday objects to tell his story, especially as a young man who grew up…
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