Why we do it?

Impact Journey was founded on the urgency and necessity of social and environmental change to combat (rising) inequality, exploitation, climate change and to overcome the huge misunderstanding and misrepresentation of ‘the other’.

In the Global North the perception of extreme poverty, hunger and misery still prevails when thinking about the Global South. A big misconception that maintains (neo-)colonialism and exacerbates inequality. It is about time to present a more balanced image of both problems and opportunities and co-create and shape a post-colonial world.

How we do it?

We (co-)create Impact Journeys and invite and support other documentary visual artists, photographers, journalists, videographers and academics to start their own  Journey – an umbrella term for innovative, ‘sparky’ explorative and slightly unconventional projects, based around slow journalism, mixed (participatory) methods with a strong focus on visual storytelling on issues concerning both the Global South and North.

These Journeys take place in the South on a basis of equality, in collaboration with local partners – researchers, photographers, interpreters, etc. The goal is to increase awareness, resulting and pushing for dedicated action amongst a variety of actors.

During our Impact Journeys we will be using a mixed methods approach using the power of media, stories and technology and combine the skills of a wide range of partners – from media outlets, galleries, public spaces, individual expertise, social enterprises and NGOs, to expose the work of our Impact Fellows.

Each Impact Journey will be characterised by a different approach in execution, fundraising and partnership – depending on the location, complexity and duration. We support project ideas in different stages of execution and are particularly interested for visual artists from the Global South. Do you have what it takes and in need for that extra push? Let’s connect!

What we do?



Following the Togolese railroad in exploration of (pre-)colonial remnants, stories and search for the meaning of images



Travel to make a difference - For better or worse



An exploration in social justice and the pull and push factors in Agbogbloshie, Ghana



From Pan-Africanism to Afrofuturism through the lens of James Barnor and DRUM magazine



An insight in climate change mitigation and traditional adaptation efforts in rural India



Getting a better understanding in local relationships with water and the complexity of Hydropower expansion in Sub-Saharan Africa